A pie story

As a pastry chef at one of our country’s best culinary schools, students often ask me….what’s your favorite dessert?  I have access to the highest quality ingredients, the best equipment and some of the most respected chefs in the industry. This blog will give you a look into my work, and maybe a little glimpse of my life.

Blueberry pie.  The answer to their question includes a story, as good food should.  First, we need to drive a thousand miles to Northern Ontario. Then, on a perfectly sunny day in early July, we take our 60 year old 17′ Alumacraft to the end of Lake McFarlane.  There, up on a rocky knoll, spared from the bears, lies the perfect blueberry patch.  Once everyone has filled their buckets, swatted horse flies and mosquitoes, and avoided sunburn, we cool off in the lake.  Back at the cottage (or “camp”, as Northern Canadians call it), while the boys clean the fresh fish, my daughter and I make the pie.  In a 1947 GE electric oven, baking can be a challenge!  Good pastry, made with Tenderflake lard (yes, lard!), encases our fresh-picked wild blueberries.  We eat our dinner on the picnic table in the yard: smallmouth bass, some quinoa, a salad and…..of course, wild blueberry pie!  Farm to table, at its best.

What’s the story behind your favorite dessert?

Blueberry Pie

Just pie? Really? That’s your favorite dessert??? But….you are a pastry chef!


7 thoughts on “A pie story

  1. jwilson828

    Do you share the recipe for the filling?! The girls and I would love to have a new blueberry pie recipe for late June, when we will be harvesting our blueberries. I have a “disappearing blueberry pie” recipe for which sour cream seems to be the unusual ingredient. It is a bit more cake-like than most pies, but it is delicious. I’ve also gotten to where I usually make it without a crust so that Stan can enjoy it, too!

    1. rjstewart29 Post author

      I’ll share any recipe! For the filling:
      3-4 cups blueberries
      1/3-1/2 cup granulated sugar (depending on how sweet the fruit is or how sweet you like your pie)
      2 Tbsp. flour (or substitute 1 Tbsp. corn starch, for Stan)
      zest of one lemon

      So much of the goodness of this pie comes from the flavor of the wild blueberries. I’m working on a gluten free crust using almond flour….not quite perfected. I’ll share when I come up with something edible!


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