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A piece of cake

Passion and professionalism.  Can the two be combined?   I am very fortunate to have employment that embodies my love of teaching, food and the culinary industry. Of the many classes that I instruct, the Introduction to Cakes course can be one of the most challenging.   Many students come to culinary school with industry experience, however for many others this may be their first time in a professional kitchen.  When faced with icing a cake, this may be a stressful event for some students.  On the last day of class, the students are asked to assemble and decorate a cake in less than ten minutes.  Here’s a video of my demonstration for the class.


Passion and professionalism.  The goal? Put your emotional energy into trying to do something well, not into your reaction if it doesn’t go as planned.  In other words, try not to cry if a cake disaster strikes!  Does this mean I have no passion for cakes?  No, I just try to put the whole process in proper perspective.  Really, it’s a piece of cake!

Another great cartoon by JWU student Rebecca Ramey

Another great cartoon by JWU student Rebecca Ramey

How do you feel about cake, cake decorating, and the emotions that go along with this skill?




The Start of a Day

My parents raised us with the mantra: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (woman) healthy, wealthy and wise.”    Well, I try to get to bed early.  Yes, I’m definitely up early.  Healthy?  Yes, I have been blessed.  Wealthy?  I am thankful everyday for the amazing good fortune of wonderful family, great friends, excellent work and a pretty decent outlook on life.  Wise? No, I’m not finished yet……there’s still plenty to learn!

I love mornings!  How does your day begin?
Here’s a fun look at the start of my day.